How Can You Go About Hiring A Family Law Attorney?

family law

Divorce law is really a sub-set of family law. A family law lawyer Epping is a lawyer that does divorce within the jurisdiction. A family law lawyer is also a family law barrister who does divorce as well. But sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain who you ought to approach for legal advice, especially in matters involving your family and especially when the divorce involved young children. Family law refers to the entire body of law that governs familial relationships. There are several family related issues that fall under this body of law like marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and all other types of unions that involve two individuals or more.


These matters are often extremely sensitive and complex. They require specialized knowledge and legal expertise to resolve. The lawyer that you approach for family law assistance will be familiar with local complexities and will be able to deal with your needs effectively and efficiently. He will therefore be able to guide you well.


Many family law attorneys also deal with criminal matters. This includes adultery, kidnapping, molestation, rape, murder and various other criminal acts. Some family law attorneys also offer their services on a non-profit basis. They are referred to as advocates or pro bono attorneys. This is an important service which is provided by many lawyers.


The best way to locate good family law attorneys is to get referrals from people you know and trust. Those who have been through the process once can best tell you what to expect. If you know a particular individual who has been through the issue, get in touch with him for further information and help.

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After getting references from persons whom you know and trust, it is then up to you to contact them and discuss your needs. Most family law Bundoora attorneys offer free consultation to potential clients. During the consultation, it is important to tell the family law attorneys about your situation and requirements. The attorney will be able to assess your needs and recommend the right kind of legal counsel for your case.


There are special circumstances under which both biological parents may not be included in the child’s custody agreement. For example, where one of the parents is considered unfit for the child’s welfare or the child has an obvious psychological issue, there may be a need to have the unfit parent excluded from the custody agreement. To do so, a family law attorney may petition the court to have this person excluded from the agreement. In such cases, the best way to approach the issue is to hire an expert family law attorney who is adept at handling these kinds of cases.