What Does an Upholsterer Do?

The job of an upholster is essentially to cover furniture in a variety of fabrics, including leather, suede, and cotton. Upholsterers work with the designers of a space to choose fabrics that can last for years. They are responsible for making sure the fabrics are suitable for the building code and reflect the style of the space.

Upholsters can work in many industries, including manufacturing, repairing, and refurbishing furniture. They are also responsible for communicating with customers and assessing the quality of their finished products. A typical day in the commercial upholstery in Nashville might involve estimating cost, discussing the design of an upholstered article with the customer, and measuring and cutting materials.

When writing an upholsterer’s job description, the most crucial skills and responsibilities should be listed, with examples of each. Then, a list of desirable skills and qualifications should be included as well. It is important to differentiate between a desirable candidate and a necessary candidate. A thorough job description will attract quality applicants.

Upholsterers can also work in the automotive industry. They can work in automotive design and aftermarket trim shops, and often perform repairs for their customers. They are employed by several high-end motor car manufacturers, such as Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz. Upholsterers also offer their services to business organizations. Common types of business furniture upholstered by upholsterers include bar stools, restaurant booth seats, church pews, and chiropractic tables. Additionally, upholstered walls and lobby seating are common in retail establishments.

Upholstery in Nashville works with various materials to repair furniture. They select the appropriate material for each client’s needs. They use hand tools and upholstery machines to sew upholstery materials. Their tools may include pneumatic staplers. Upholsterers must also have the ability to follow blueprints and sketches.

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Upholsters typically have a high school diploma or vocational school training. Some states require an upholster to have a license, and many upholsters may be required to pass a certification exam. Upholsters must also possess exceptional communication skills and be dexterous. They must be able to fix worn upholstery springs and finish damaged furniture.

Auto top mechanics and furniture upholsters share many of the same skills. They both use hand tools and know upholstery techniques, such as applying glue and nails. They also work with hand tools and nail guns, and they are both responsible for designing concepts. Upholsterers and auto trimmers typically earn similar salaries, but they are not as likely to earn a Master’s or Doctorate.